The Ships Mechanic – Background

Name: Celinas Vijarr

Species: Mirilian

Career: Technician (Mechanic)


Celinas was born to a single mother in the lower levels of Coruscant (19 BBY). There she learned self-reliance and independence as her mother was forced to work long hours to care for them both. The lower levels are a rough and tumble area and Celinas learned when to keep her head down (Streetwise Skill). She couldn’t fix her life so she learned to fix just about everything else from trash compactors and water recyclers (Mechanic Skill – Rank One) to holoprojectors and air-speeders (Mechanic Skill – Rank Two). She¬†was hired to help a swoop gang “liberate” some components found in the wreckage of the lower levels. Her time slicing into abandoned buildings (Computer Skill – Rank One) and air-speeder controls (Computer Skill – Rank Two) meant she was able to get them in as well as to remove the necessary components. The components were from ancient droid technology dating back to the Old Republic and their design intrigued her (Motivation – Technological Historian). Before she could investigate the find more closely the Imperial authorities raided the site and she was identified but managed to escape. The swoop gang that had hired her turned out to have connections to the infamous Black Sun’s and it was on a Xizor Transport Systems freighter that she was sent off-world and to the Outer Rim, ending up on Rishi. With a warrant out for her arrest from Imperial authorities on Coruscant (Obligation 10) and a debt owed to the Black Sun gang (Obligation 10) for the trip off-world and out of the core, Celinas is far from home with few friends.

Throughout the fallout of the botched job she managed to keep her head about her (Cool Skill) and her actions probably saved her years at a penal colony like Kessel (Discipline Skill). While aboard the Xizor Transport she managed to get some training from one of the pilots (Piloting – Space) and took to it as a natural. She had always loved on Coruscant when they would steal air-speeders for joy rides (Piloting – Planetary). She hopes to one day return to her mother without the Imperials arresting her (Motivation – Family) but she will survive until then, and hopefully, thrive (Motivation – Survive, Then Thrive).


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